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The Perilous Times Newsletter began in 1998 when my family and I spent the summer in northern Canada in the wilderness of the great white north. During that time, while I was in prayer, the Lord revealed to me that there was an event coming that would begin World War III and the rise of the little horn, the antichrist mentioned in Daniel 7:11.

I was shown that the event would occur on September 11th. I was not shown what year the event would occur, or where it would occur, or what the event would be. I was just told that an event was coming that would begin World War III and the rise of the little horn, the antichrist.

This began the Perilous Times Newsletter and since then we have prophesied many world events through prophetic words and dreams as well as visions.

Since that first event of 9-11, we were shown the attempt to remove "One nation under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as the Tsunami that devastated much of the area of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. We were shown both of these events through prophetic dreams.

We also prophesied the current economic collapse in a word given in 2005, as well as coming food riots world wide in the major cities from a word given in early 2007. We were also shown a dream of a mass burial pit and that an event was coming that would destroy many lives. We believe that event was the recent earthquake in Haiti where an estimated 200,000 people were buried in mass graves.

You can read past newsletter events we predicted under the prophecy and dream section at:

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